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Carriers of Culture: Living Native Basket Traditions

Project Planning Website

About this project: In 2006, Michigan State University Museum and the Smithsonian Institution’s Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, in partnership with Native American basketmakers organizations, will launch a multi-year, multi-faceted celebration of the rich living Native basket traditions of North America and Hawaii. Through a festival, exhibition, and other related activities, Carriers of Culture: Living Native Basket Traditions will examine the ways in which Native baskets—and their makers—are literally and symbolically “carriers of culture.”

The Carriers of Culture project provides multiple opportunities to experience the vitality and diversity of Native basketry as a significant component of the cultural heritage of the United States and Canada and as key artistic forms within tribal groups and First Nations.

About this website:  This site is an innovative experiment in using computer technology to facilitate collaboration on the development of an exhibition and festival project by a group of project stakeholders living in widely dispersed areas of the country. The group also communicates by mail, email, phone, and at periodic meetings.